Belkin have a strong reputation in the accessories market for providing what users need and at a relatively fair cost. At CES this year they’ve increased their charging arsenal with a number of new range of USB-A and USB-C chargers.

Boost Charge USB-C Wall Chargers

Belkin have a charger to suit the needs of any current generation device from a mid-range phone to a top end laptop. The USB-C GaN (Gallium Nitride – a more efficient power delivery option, allowing higher delivery for longer) Wall Chargers come in 30W, 60W or 68W which will even do the job on a Macbook Pro.

Belkin note that the 30W charger can handle a Macbook Air, the 60W a Macbook Pro and 68W has intelligent power sharing to ensure the most efficient charging for both connected devices. All models have a folding plug to ensure simplicity while minimising damage to your charger and other items while travelling.

Boost Charge USB-C Power Banks

Two new options for those who need to charge on the run have also been delivered: a 10,000mAh battery delivering 18W and 20,0000mAh battery delivering 30W to your device. Power banks are a nice addition to most users’ daily carry, meaning you can get through the day and your commute home without needing a power socket. The smaller capacity has enough output to get most phones going again with a 30 minute boost. The 20K version has 30W of charging power and provides up to 28 hours of extra battery life for a MacBook.

Wireless Charging

There’s a lot of new options here for users across all needs. There’s a stand and speaker all-in-one device, wireless charging pads, a vent mount wireless car charger and a portable wireless charger and stand. There’s a wireless charging solution for iOS devices too, but we’ll leave that for the keeper.

What caught my attention here is the wireless charging and speaker in one device. Say hello to the Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker.

Building on Belkin’s pedigree in fast wireless charging, the BOOST↑CHARGE™ Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker allows consumers to listen to music, watch videos, and take phone calls, while charging their phone in multiple viewing angles. A simple one-touch Bluetooth button provides a seamless experience, and the wireless charging stand provides a steady charge up to 10W for Qi-enabled smartphones.

The other additions to the wireless charging product range should also prooke some interest. The Dual Wireless Charging pads deliver 10W Qi charging and would be of great use in offices or common work areas.

The vent mount car charger is useful for users who don’t have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in their vehicle. It will allow you to see your device and have it charging without the need to touch it if you’re using Maps or other aids while in the car. It’s designed for single handed operation to drop your device in and remove it when you reach your destination.

Finally there is a portable wireless charger + Stand. It encases a 10,000mAh battery to give you on the go charging capacity while still having quick and easy access to your device. The dual coil setup means that any Qi capable device will get a fast charge regardless of having it in the charger in portrait or landscape orientation. Both the Wireless Car Charger and Portable Wireless charger offer 10W wireless charging.

Pricing and availability for Australia has not yet been announced, but we’ll be keeping on top of this as the products become available.

Source: Belkin PR.