Intel’s NUCs are small-footprint computers that are great for saving desktop space while still allowing you to complete typical computer tasks like browsing the web and creating documents.

The latest NUC Intel has shown us might be capable of a lot more than that though. The Ghost Canyon NUC has swappable components meaning you can upgrade the processor, discrete graphics card and other components with ease.

Outside of this, Intel has confirmed very little. The Ghost Canyon NUC can support an unlocked i9 processor, and it looks like i5s and i7s will be on the cards as well. Sadly it’s not a full-fledged desktop processor, but it is a H-series, meaning high-end laptop power.

As for the discrete graphics processor, you’ll need a shortened card as the case is too small for a full-length one. However, the simplicity of PCI-E compatibility is a big step up from laptop graphics or oddball form factors like MXM.

If you’re like me, at this point you’re asking what the catch is? Well, the Intel Ghost Canyon NUC is unlikely to be cheap – the last enthusiast-grade NUCs Intel released are still priced in excess of $1300 – and you have to provide your own RAM, storage and peripherals with those barebones kits.

There’s no official word on pricing or availability, but more details are sure to follow in the coming months.

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Jeni Skunk

What GPU card would you suggest for a NUC like this new model?