Even with all the CES 2020 noise/news there is often something interesting totally unrelated that makes us sit up and take notice. This time it is what are apparently Google Pixel 4a renders.

Just over a week ago we saw renders of the Google Pixel 4a surface and now today renders based on CAD case drawings have also surfaced. Although the two leaks do match up that does not mean that they are accurate nor correct.

Today’s renders show the Pixel 4a in a case with a punch hole in the display for the selfie camera and a square camera module on the rear for a single lens camera. It seems a very strange design choice by Google to make such a big camera bump and module only to house a solitary lens — We think that the Pixel 4a will have a dual camera at least. It will be a lot easier for Google to match or even come close to the camera experience from the main Pixel 4 to the 4a (which is what they are trying to do as they did with the Pixel 3a last year) with similar hardware.

Not only that it is plain ugly. There are the usual power button and volume buttons on the left side of the device along with what appears to be dual speakers (stereo?) on the bottom of the phone either side of the USB-C charging port. For those refusing to give up on the 3.5mm headphone jack it once again makes an appearance at the top of the device. The does not seem to be any Project Soli (Motion Sense) sensors on the device — I know they are expensive but could Google have already given up on them given the luke-warm reception they received in the Pixel 4?

The fingerprint sensor is once again on the rear — no doubt to keep the costs of the device under their target figure which we assume to be similar to last year’s Pixel 3a (it does make you wonder how TCL etc are able to put quad rear cameras and in-display fingerprint sensors in mid-range devices — TCL 10 Pro).

Although it is early days we once again expect the Pixel 4a to be announced officially at Google I/O in Mountain View. Hopefully we can make it there again this year and bring you hands on with the phone as soon as it drops.

Source: Slashleaks.
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Gary Jones

Do you think the 4a will come with wireless charging?