If you’re even vaguely interested in audio then you’ve heard the name Sennheiser. The company has been around for a very long time and has a reputation for big sound delivery. The problem is, to get that sound you pay for it… until now. Sennheiser introduced the affordable CX 350BT and CX 150BT wireless earphones for everyday listening today at CES 2020.

Both models have a 10 hour battery life and are lightweight, designed for users to have with them all day, every day. They also support a number of audio codecs and have AptX support. Excitingly for users who want to spend that little bit more, the 350BT has a dedicated smart assistant button for Assistant or Siri.

When it comes to listening pleasure, the latest earphones in Sennheiser’s wireless range deliver. Support for audio codecs SBC and AAC ensure a high-quality audio experience, while the CX 350BT additionally features AptX™ and AptX™ Low Latency support. On compatible devices, AptX™ Low Latency keeps sound in perfect sync with onscreen action – ideal when enjoying movies or gaming. The CX 350BT and CX 150BT earphones are also Bluetooth 5.0 compatible to deliver fast and reliable connectivity and, thanks to multi-pairing, can be connected with two devices simultaneously.

The talking points

Of course Sennheiser will deliver great sound. From a personal perspective though, it’s pleasing to see something with the label “affordable” while still offering USB-C charging. You’ll find multiple ear tips in the box to ensure you’ve got the fit needed for maximum audio impact. While the label affordable is somewhat subjective, compared to other options on the market these are very competitively priced.

The CX 150BT will cost $109.95 and is available in black from mid-January through the usual retailers. A white colour variant will be available from February. The CX 350BT earphones are priced at AU $149.95 and will be available in black and white colour variants from February.

Source: Sennheiser.