As part of the Government’s statement of expectations, NBN Co is required to provide a minimum peak speed of Mbps down, however due to the downgrading of the NBN to the Multi Technology Mix that was implemented under Malcolm Turnbull, many premises can not achieve even those minimum speeds, and many more are have no option to go above that.

For those home “lucky” enough to get less than the 25 Mbps threshold out of their FTTN connection, it appears they will get upgraded to a different technology. NBN has confirmed that the first 3000 premises affected by sub par speeds have been moved over to a full Fibre to the Premises connection. It’s kind of like trading on your 1990 Hyundai Excel for a brand new BMW (soon with Wireless Android Auto).

According to year-old data there were approximately 60,000 premises across the NBN roll out achieving sub par connection speeds, so these 3000 connections are nothing to get to excited about (unless you one of the 3000), and it’s likely the number of underwhelming connections has increased since that original 60,000 figure was released.

At least for these premises there is hope on the horizon. There are many households who want / need access to more that the basic 25 Mbps connection that won’t see an upgrade for a long long time.

Source: itnews.
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    With competition coming from 5G and non NBN broadband in high density areas (Eg Spirit), it looks like NBN will have to slowly upgrade people.

    I’m on Spirit and have 100/100 download/upload.

    This upgrade pressure is particularly true for high density areas as 5G speeds don’t travel that far.

    Quentin Wright

    I’m due to get off my ADSL2 running at < 10 Mb/s by mid year as NBN hasn't been rolled out in my area. I'll get FTTC according to the NBN website.

    NBN priorities seem strange when some premises with FTTN are getting a second rollout with FTTP when they haven't even finished the initial rollout.


    Why not upgrade to G.FAST hardware which allows gigabit speeds for FTTN customers over traditional copper cabling?


    I think NBN should upgrade anyone who signs a 2 year contract for a speed faster than their connection supports.
    Included in this should be fixed wireless.

    Bruce Bromley

    Was upgraded from FTTN to FTTP on the 30 December.
    Could not be happier on the 100/40 plan.

    Chris Rowland

    One of the lucky ones Bruce!


    And now we get to pay for rolling out all these services twice! And without the benefits from economies of scale and experience that would have resulted from a single-technology rollout, so actually probably significantly more than twice.

    MTM clearly still delivering on its promise of cheaper, sooner /s.