Google Labs was around for quite a while on the desktop platform before it disappeared in late 2018. Now though the function is seemingly now making a move to mobile. Sighted previously in the Beta version of the Google app, some users are now reporting that they have access to the feature.

As yet none of our devices have access and we’ve heard nothing from our readers that they’ve got new features either. My device versions of the app are up to date, so it may be that this is a server-side switch or regional rollout of the feature.

Android Police have a batch of screenshots available that show the feature at work:

Tapping on the Learn More buttons for each feature will bring up instructions on how to use them as well as certain caveats or extra steps you may need to take outside of the app. Currently, Google is workshopping pinch-to-zoom for text and image results and enhanced screenshot actions.

It will be interesting to see what features Google bring to the app on a trial basis and which ones make it to final production.

If you’ve got access to Labs in your Google app, share with us what you’re seeing and testing.

Source: Android Police.
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Yes I have it on my Pixel 4 XL

Jamie S

Yep, I’ve got the Labs on my Pixel 3a XL. I saw the story on AP and checked and had it since then. Pinch to zoom on search results and screen shot editing, sharing and options