More than 63,000 existing phone (landline) and internet connections (HFC, ADSL/ADSL2) across Sydney are set to be disconnected and replaced with NBN connections by the end of this week, with customers advised there will be disruptions expected.

The Daily Telegraph are reporting that from this Friday (17th January 2020) about 63,190 existing landline phone and internet services across the greater Sydney region, will be progressively replaced by NBN services, with the company/department advising there are risks of possible disconnection for those residential and business customers with exiting and outdated landline phone and internet connections yet to switch over.

While more than 2 million NSW residential and customer customers have already switched over, it is concerning that those yet to switch will face disconnection and possible disruptions while waiting to switch over to NBN-provided services.

Head of NBN Local for NSW, Ryan Williams, has told the Daily Telegraph that the final stage of the transition into NBN will provide “fast broadband” to the community.

If you have any special equipment that operates on your current landline, it’s important you talk with your phone and internet service provider to get the right support when moving across. You should also visit the NBN Co website to register devices such as medical alarms and lift phones, and find out more about business devices and services.

However, Mr Williams has urged those business customers who operate critical business services via existing landline phone and internet services, like EFTPOS terminals and fire alarm systems, may be subject to disconnection and possible disruptions and delays signing up to new NBN services.

It’s particularly important for anyone with a medical alarm, auto-dialler or emergency call button to register these devices on NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register.

Some devices may not be compatible with the NBN access network so if you or a loved one have a medical device, speak to the device provider and your phone and internet provider as soon as possible to seek further guidance.

Mr Williams and the NBN are urging customers affected by the incoming disconnections to contact their phone and internet service provider to find out if they are going to be facing disconnection and to sign up to new NBN provided services.

The NBN are also advising and alerting the public to possible scammers who maybe calling up residents on behalf of NBN and demanding direct payments. Chief Security Officer of NBN Co Darren Kane Has said that:

We are a wholesale-only company and do not take money directly from consumers….We never make unsolicited calls, request remote access to a resident’s computer or door knock to sell broadband services to the public.

If you are in the possible affected disconnection areas listed or want to check, contact your phone and internet provider immediately to find out about switching to an NBN eligible plan.

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The saddest part of the whole NBN saga occurred back in 2009 when Labor imposed speed tiers on a network capable of delivering 1Gbps with the expectation that in 2026 less than 1% would connect at 1Gbps and close to 50% would connect at 12Mbps. Labor’s speed tiers are what enabled LNP to introduce alternative technologies.

For the 85% who find the cost of 100Mbps speeds too expensive, FTTN, FTTB, HFC are adequate. Why should they subsidise FTTP and not experience the benefits?


This is the scare tactic NBN rolls out to get people to sign up. It’s unnecessary. Not having g
FTP does put people off, bút they realise they don’t have a choice.
No body wants to move backwards and be forced to pay LNP IPA data tax. Yes, they raised the prices and wound back the speed because of their rubbish mixed tech, unable to be as fast as standard ADSL or ISDN or even dial up in some circumstances. They have ruined the country’s future while making 50 billion plus a year from us


NBN over copper is a useless waste of money. It’s sad so many houses are getting connected to it.

I also would not recommend reading anything from The Daily Telegraph, as it has its political agenda distortion field operating.


News corp publications are evil and should be ignored.