It looks like call recording and voicemail saving features might be on the horizon for Google’s Phone app, according 9to5Google who’ve taken apart a beta version of the app and found some interesting new strings for the user interface.

Recording Calls

The expectation is that in the phone UI you’ll have a new button to begin recording.

This one could be a bit of a minefield for anyone concerned about their privacy.

There is no indication if there will be an audible notification that the call is being recorded. There will be a visual indicator for the person recording, but that’s not much comfort for others on a call.

Tapping the new button will trigger it to animate, making it obvious at a glance that a recording is in progress.

Google Phone record call button
The feature is still very much a work-in-progress, but it looks like you’ll be able to find information about your recorded calls from the conversation history list, as a “call_recording_details_row” appears in code for the call log.

Saving Voicemails

There’s also a number of strings that mention saving voicemails. If you like to save important voicemails, then this is could save you a lot of hassle with carrier space limits.

One of the strings carries a “visual_voicemail” identifier, suggesting this might be a feature intended for users of Visual Voicemail — features that aren’t available on all carriers (or they might cost extra).

Keep in mind that the app that has been decompiled to find these code snippets is a Beta version, so there’s no guarantee the features will make it to your phone – they may be shelved or outright abandoned for a variety of reasons. For the full story, be sure to head over to 9to5Google.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Paul D

Wait – not all phones have this feature? The Xperia’s have done this since Android 5.


Something that is bound to not be turned on for Australian users.