If you’re running the Beta version of the Google app (version 10.92.8) you’re going to have trouble getting your Google Assistant to bring joy to your WearOS device.

Using any of the known triggers such as “Hey Google” or holding the power button fails to launch the feature. Granted my watch probably needs replacing, but all I’m getting is a vibration if I hold the power button, and crickets if I say “Hey Google”.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: remove yourself from the Beta and wait for the latest stable release of the app to install on your device (or if you’re feeling daring, roll back to the previous beta version).

Luckily I have enough other devices to keep me connected and entertained, but it’s caused huge frustration that’s for sure and I’m not alone, with the team at 9 to 5 Google also noting the issue.

To be fair, the Google app is generally pretty stable in beta, but these things do happen (and that’s why betas exist).

Thanks: 9to5Google.
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    It looks like you still also don’t get access to the full Assistant (with Home control) on WearOS unless you’re using US English…