In a public-spirited move Vodafone Australia is offering owners and renters who have lost their home to bushfires 3 months worth of mobile portable broadband service including the modem at no cost with no lock in contract and no need to return the modem at end of 3 months.

Vodafone has been straight up acknowledging that its network may not provide coverage in all of the affected areas, however this offer is still useful for people who have been evacuated away from their home to a more Urban area that does have Vodafone coverage.

Vodafone advises that they will help you check whether the place you will live temporarily will have coverage as they:

“fully appreciate that the Vodafone network may not extend to all places impacted by the bushfires or where you may want to use the service”.

The free modem and broadband service is available to anyone (whether or not they’re a Vodafone customer).

The broadband plan has 100GB of data at uncapped network speed and then you can keep using as much data as you want at speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps after that 100GB has been used up for the month.

It’s a great gesture, and while it doesn’t rebuild houses or sort out other issues, connectivity is so important these days. With NBN infrastructure damaged, and fixed-line internet not likely to be too useful to people who’ve lost everything, being able to get connected is a small step which will have a big impact in helping affected families and communities rebuild.

Terms and Conditions

To receive the free modem and service Vodafone asks that you provide proof that your home has been lost to fire, for example an insurance claim document or a fire or police report.

They will provide one free modem and 3 months free access fees on their $60 SIM Only Data Plus Plan to each household for use in Australia.

If you wish to remain connected after the 3 months free service has expired, Vodafone will offer you a suitable plan which may meet your ongoing needs.

You may keep the Vodafone 4G Pocket WiFi Modem for future use, and there is no need to return this device even if you do not wish to stay connected with Vodafone.

To use this offer please contact Vodafone on on 1800 130 424 or visit a local store before 31 January 2020 if you own or rent and have lost your home due to bushfires since 1 July 2019.

Source: Ozbargain.
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I lost my home in a previous bushfire and I know one of the biggest things you need is internet access so you can start working out what you can buy/replace with the money you have.
Well done Vodafone, very nice gesture… kudos!!!!


It’s too bad that the Vodafone receptions are terrible in the regional areas…. I really doubt this would be much use except in the city