We’ve had the opportunity at Ausdroid to take a look at a number of security options. Everything from a budget-conscious, entry-level device like the Reolink Argus 2 through to the Swann DVR and Arlo systems. While they all have their high and low points, one thing that does show quickly is the motion vs intelligent detection comes at a cost. Most options for intelligent detection come at a higher setup cost such as true detect with Swann or require a subscription service like Arlo.

Vacos is a very new entry to the market, currently running an Indiegogo campaign but has done something others struggle to do. Meet a budget price point and have some smart detection to avoid trees triggering push notifications.

As part of the funding campaign, Vacos have multiple camera bundles on offer as well as their charging solar panel at half price.

  • Single Camera $141.00
  • Twin Camera Pack – $262.99
  • Triple Camera Pack – $364.00
  • Five Camera Pack – $556.00
  • Charging Solar Panel – $15.00

There’s a lot of good points – on paper – about the Vacos cameras including wire-free installation, flexible mounting options, great battery life (up to 6 months on a single charge), the already mentioned human detection, IP65 rating and it will integrate with Alexa.

While the usual warning stands for all crowd-funding devices, the cameras are already in production and the campaign is almost certain to hit their funding target with 9 days and only a few hundred dollars remaining. So this seems like its got significantly more security behind it that many other campaigns we’ve seen int he past.

If you’ve been considering setting up some video monitoring around your home, but don’t want to spend a thousand dollars or more then perhaps this is the option for you.

Check out their Indiegogo page for more details.

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Be cautious about backing a company like this, by my count they only have 85 backers purchasing the cameras…. (as opposed to the 148 backers listed, I counted the backers of camera perks).

Also, cloud storage to a company no one has heard of.