As we build up to the release of many smartphones before and at MWC in late February one company has its phone continue to leak, and it’s not expected to arrive until May. Overnight a hands on picture of the OnePlus 8 Pro has leaked showing off the display as well as the refresh rate settings.

We have already seen OnePlus announce their 120Hz Fluid Display with it expected to arrive on the OnePlus 8 Pro in May. Now we have an image showing it off IRL along with its settings. As you can see in the image below the screen refresh rate can be selected within the settings app of the phone with the option to choose 60, 90 or 120Hz refresh rates.

The interesting part is the top left of the display — the hole punch display. We have seen rumours of its existence with OnePlus deciding to opt for the hold punch selfie camera rather than a pop-up camera this year. It is a strange decision but expect it may be for it to receive a waterproof IP rating with no motorised selfie cameras able to obtain decent IP ratings due to the nature of the mechanisms.

The picture also looks to have a curved display continuing on from last year’s OnePlus 7 Pro. While I’m not a huge fan of curved displays it does look and give that feeling of a more premium device and experience.

With so many manufacturers bringing 120Hz refresh rates to their flagship devices it seems that if any device wants to be mentioned with the best it will need to sport that 120Hz refresh rate. OnePlus devices have been mentioned with the best smartphones for a while now and it looks like 2020 and the OnePlus 8 will be no different.

Isn’t it about time they landed here officially? Would you buy one if they sold directly into Australia at a price relative to their overseas pricing?

Source: TrueTech.
Via: Gizchina.
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I would certainly check it out if i could see on a store shelf , i would not buy a grey import though .


I have a 6t that I bought in Hong Kong because it wasn’t available here. Would definitely buy one locally if they were on sale here

James Brown

Definitely would consider buying this one in Australia. I’m still using the OnePlus 5 that I bought direct from the OnePlus store when they did that for a while.

The Watcher

Yes, I would buy it if it were here…
You guys should look into becoming an OnePlus authorised re-seller.