With Motorola currently looking like having the most exciting phone of 2020, the new Razr, they have dropped a series of videos detailing the new device. The videos border somewhere across how to’s and advertising, but do contain a few interesting tidbits.

Firstly, it’s okay to have a bumpy and lumpy screen, that’s right Motorola are telling you right up front that foldable phones are not going to have completely flat and smooth displays — don’t say you weren’t warned. Motorola also gives a few other tips such as dry your wet phone….. don’t use a screen protector and always store your Razr closed.

For the Motorola aficionados out there you might be pleased to know that the traditional Moto features such as chop-chop for turning on the flash light, three finger screenshot and twist to launch the camera are all coming along for the ride.

From a software perspective it looks like Motorola will be keeping their stock plus look and feel, meaning there should be minimal changes to how Android should look and feel, and likely little to no bloatware.

We will be headed to MWC this year where Motorola is expected to have the Razr on display and it will certainly be my first stop. With Samsung rumoured to also be releasing a similar type of flip phone, they just might be the second.

Source: Motorola.
Via: TheVerge.