Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Fold had all kinds of issues when it was announced and released to the reviewers/influencers and thus had a rocky beginning to its life. Eventually though Samsung seemingly solved all the issues and released the device to the world with apparently great success.

Samsung must have been happy enough to some extent with the success of the Galaxy Fold such that they are planning to release a second Galaxy Fold this year. At first we all thought that this year’s foldable would be the Z Flip but it seems that this year they will release two foldable smartphones.

According to Max Weinbach from XDA Developers, who seems to have some amazing Samsung contacts (given the number of Galaxy S20 leaks he has shown us this year), Samsung will release the second Galaxy Fold in Q2 of this year. The next iteration of the Galaxy Fold looks to be an impressive device if the specs he reports are indeed accurate.

With an 8-inch foldable display, 108MP main camera, Snapdragon 865 (and thus 5G) and even an S-Pen it is set to include just about everything you could wish for. It is possible that if the Fold 2 does have these specs it could well be the way of the future — although some argue that the Razr and Z Flip are more usable in an everyday sense.

Either way, you can bet that with specs like this the Galaxy Fold 2 will be priced a long way north of what most of us can afford. Hopefully one day foldable phones will become affordable, just don’t expect it anytime soon.

Source: Max Weinbach.
Via: Gizchina.