Have you ever sat down and thought: “you know what Google really needs? another messaging app.” Me neither but someone at Google has and is looking to make it happen according to The Information.

According to their source, The Information is reporting that Google is looking to bring many of its business-oriented services and messaging apps into a single entity, another messaging service.

The services Google is looking to merge into that single entity include Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The final app is expected to be part of G Suite with the new online productivity service overseen by the folks running Google Cloud.

It sounds like Google is trying to attract users to their platform with the ability to use a single app or service to access everything under their enterprise umbrella so while yet another messaging app seems superfluous it may well be a good idea as far as enterprise is concerned.

As for Joe and Jill Public, the app is unlikely to ever be available to them and just as well, they need yet another Google messaging app like they need a hole in the head.

For enterprise, would having all the Google tools inside a single service entice you to use them over the other offerings around?

Source: The Verge.
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So it’s basically going back to how Hangouts was before they stuffed around with it, just without the ability for the general public to use it…
Long live Hangouts Classic.