Google Duo is a legitimately useful and improving product, while Google may have a bad track record with messaging in general Duo has gone from strength to strength since launched and is showing no sign of it joining the Google graveyard. Today Google dropped a new feature on Duo, Notes, for when you want to send well, a note.

Now, this does not feel like Google trying to move “messaging” into Duo, no this feels more like an attempt to make Duo fun, ephemeral and perhaps appeal to the snap chat generation. Instead of instigating a video call you can tap on ‘Message’ and from there ‘Note’ to send either a typed, drawn or a mix of both message.

There’s several options of background colours, market types and of course text colours. If you’re more artistic then us perhaps you can even doodle your own message. Once send your message will last for 24 hours before self destructing, Mission Impossible style.

The update appears available to anyone who has installed the latest update to Duo. So if you’re looking to sketch a message or two why not try out Duo.

Google Duo
Google Duo
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: 9to5Google.