To say the announcement of the Motorola Razr circa 2020 has caused a stir is an understatement. Earlier this week we saw Motorola provide Australian availability and pricing details. One of the purchase options is JB Hi-Fi and you can now pre-order it from there.

Over on the JB Hi-Fi website they are taking pre-orders for the Motorola Razr in Noir Black. By placing a pre-order for the price of $2,699 you can reserve yourself one of the most innovative phones in a long time.

Pre-orders will be available on the 25th of February but given previous experience it is possible they will land in the hands of those who pre-order before it is available in-store. This date is later than the US due to the higher sales demand than originally expected — I wonder if that demand will still be there now that the price is known.

The Motorola Razr is the “iconic flip phone reinvented” for the modern world. With a plastic foldable HD display (876 x 2142 pixels), a single rear camera, a Snapdragon 710 and just Android 9 Pie it is hardly cutting edge specs. You are not paying for the specs here but the innovative display and form factor.

With the US getting it a couple of weeks before us and thus reviews out before it is available here along with Samsung announcing their Galaxy Z Flip in just a couple of weeks with 2019 specs instead of the 2017 specs in the Razr it may be a good idea to wait on this one.

If you really must be one of the first in Australia to receive one head you can place your pre-order with JB Hi-Fi now.

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Ahmad M

$2699?! Seriously? For a phone with seriously dated innards, it’s a very hard pass.

John Phillips

Can’t believe anybody would pay that price for a ‘phone.

Must be a lot of posers around!