Android Auto brings you some of the convenience of smart connectivity – maps, your favourite music, managing phone calls etc – to your drive, without presenting too much distraction which would ultimately take your eyes off the road.

There are, however, some distractions which still make their way through. For example, if you’re in a group chat or receiving a flood of text messages, these will each individually notify through Android Auto, and that can be very distracting when you should be concentrating on something more important.

A new feature coming to Android Auto allows you to reduce this a little, by turning off the notification sounds for incoming messages and the like. An added bonus is that it stops them interrupting your groove when your tunes are pumping.

The feature has been in the Beta version of Android Auto for a while now, and it’s now made its way to the stable version for everyone to use. All users now have the ability to silence all notification sounds.

Enabling the feature is as easy as going to the Android Auto settings and toggling “no sound from notifications”.

In my very short test, you’ll still get notifications pop up and show in the drawer – just no sounds to interrupt your drive. If you’re like me and still find pop-up notifications on the screen too distracting, you can (and have been able to for a while, mind you) turn off message and group message notifications too. This will keep your eyes on the road and help you get to your destination safely.

Source: Android Police.