In all the Motorola Razr hype one could be forgiven for forgetting that Samsung also have a flip phone coming, the Galaxy Z Flip. The Galaxy Z Flip apparently will arrive with much higher specs than the Razr on most counts and at what is projected to be a cheaper price. The Z Flip though has not been made official yet as opposed to the Razr.

With the Samsung Unpacked event just over a week away now it is surprising that we have not seen much more detail of it. Today though, the first hands-on video of it has surfaced showing it in the Mirror Purple colour, the small outer display, a dual rear camera setup and a full screen hole punch display (with thicker bezels than normal for a Samsung device).

The video does not show a lot but it does show the new 22:9 aspect ratio of the display as well as what appears to be a smooth glass surface (no “normal” bumps here). The outer display shows the time, date and battery percentage. It is unclear if it will display any notifications but you would hope and expect that there would be some symbol of a notification on there.

The specs on the device are fairly high end when you compare it to the Motorola Razr and although not at 2020 flagship levels it should be enough to keep even the heaviest user happy.

We look forward to putting both the Galaxy Z Flip and the Razr through their paces. This new form factor looks to be perfect for smartphones as they continue to grow year on year. Hopefully at least one of these will live up to expectations.

Source: Phonearena.