Google Photos have begun trialing a monthly subscription service program which will enable the service to send you ten prints that will be “automatically selected from your last 30 days of photos.”

Google Photos has stated that the subscription service program is a way to “get your best memories delivered straight to your home every month” for US$7.99 per month (approximately AU$12 per month) and will see those partake in the program receive ten 4×6 pictures printed on matte, white cardstock that will features a 1/8-inch border.

While the process is automatic, it does allow you the ability to choose one of three themes for your monthly prints. Google has touted that the popular and first option is the “people and pets” featured option. The options include:

  • Most people and pets: which let you relive your best moments of people and pets. Get prints featuring them and other great photos every month.
  • Mostly landscapes: which allows you to revisit your most memorable places. Get prints of your outdoor shots, city scapes, scenery pics, and more sent to you every month.
  • A little bit of everything: which allows you to mix it up and allows you to get a mix of all your best moments. Photos of people, landscapes, and other photos delivered to you each month.

You can also edit your photos before they get printed, should you wish to do some additional touch ups before you get the final prints. The photos that have been selected will be delivered in a cardboard envelope to ensure they don’t get bent or damaged during postage and delivery. Google have imagined these prints being “perfect to put on the fridge, in a frame, or to give as gifts to the important.”

Along with the ability to have physical prints, Google have also said program adds the ability to send these prints electronically for smart displays like Google Nest Hub or the Lenovo Smart Displays.

Sadly, the Google Photos subscription print program is available for US customers only at this stage and it is not sure if this will be rolled out globally. Those in the US who are selected to partake in the trial will see a “You’re invited to the monthly photo prints trial” banner to join at the top of Google Photos on the web only.

The ability to have a subscription service is an interesting new revenue source for Google Photos with most people most likely choosing the free photo upload option.

Source: 9to5Google.
Source 2: Engadget.
Via: The Verge.
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James Bryant

Ten photos a month for $12?? Yeah… this is gonna last half as long as Wave.