Google Assistant is incredibly helpful and one of the things that makes it helpful is the unexpected and timely information cards that pop up just when you need them. These notifications are fantastic, but unfortunately not all of them are wanted.

Traditionally you’ve had no control of what Assistant notifications pop up on your phone, you had them or you didn’t. That’s all changing with the roll-out of a new Notifications section in Assistant settings. The new menu is nestled inside Assistant Settings in the settings section of the Google app.

As you can see there are quite granular settings here and I for one love it. There are many Assistant notifications I find invaluable, and others I find annoying, and very few in between. The ability to pick and choose what I want to see reminds me of early Android and is a welcome relief from the cookie cutter one size fits none approach of the modern web.

We don’t have this update yet so we assume that this will be a typical Google update with it rolling out server side over a period of days / weeks.

Source: AndroidPolice.