Yubico, the company that brings us Yubikeys have taken a big step forward in their products launching YubiEnterprise. It’s a complete rethink on the way that businesses can handle their use of hardware authentication keys in big business.

YubiEnterprise Services, the company’s first service-based offering designed to transform the way that enterprises purchase, deploy and manage YubiKeys. With various subscription, delivery, and management self-service options, YubiEnterprise Services will equip organizations with a simple and efficient way to deploy strong authentication at scale.

Yubico is responding to the continual increase in cyber attacks (both low and high-tech) by giving businesses the option to deploy hardware keys at scale quickly and easily as a turnkey solution.

The YubiEnterprise Subscription starts today where YubiEnterprise Delivery will be available from Q2 2020. The initial offerings include:

  • YubiEnterprise Subscription is an annual per-user pricing model for businesses running 750 headcount or higher that allows customers to subscribe to a specific ‘service tier’ based on how many users they need to support.
  • YubiEnterprise Delivery is the associated delivery service. Cloud-based and allows customers to streamline provisioning and delivery of YubiKey options to their user base. Full control and visibility of the process is available to IT departments for companies through their online console.

The shift away from ad-hoc service provision for users allows companies predictable onboarding costs for staff, as well as maintenance of what can be expensive hardware sets.

We know that Yubico makes exceptionally good hardware and continue to deliver new hardware and standards regularly. Recently we saw the addition of a Biometric Yubikey which is launching soon. Last year we saw the 5ci that sports USB-C and Lightning connectors, as well as their partnership with Google to deliver Titan Security keys.

Yubico are a clear market leader in hardware authentication, so it stands to reason they would make the leap into Enterprise with an offering like YubiEnterprise.

Via: Yubico PR.