Depending on where you live you may have won or lost the Australian NBN internet speed lottery, and considering it’s basically up to the same government who ruined the original roll out to fix it lets just say we’re not optimistic. But perhaps there’s hope on the horizon, or should we say hope in the horizon.

The Australia telecommunication regulator the Australian Communication and Media Authority has added Elon Musk’s Space X Starlink satellite network to the list of companies that are allowed to operate over Australia Airspace.

For those unaware of what Starlink is, Space X is planning on launching a network of 7518 low earth orbit satellites that will encompass the globe and bath us all in high speed, low latency ubiquitous internet, at least that’s the plan. To date they have 242 operational satellites in orbit.

Now before you cut off your sub par NBN and call Elon to hook you up, just know there aren’t actually any operational satellites over Australia, yet. With regulatory approval being given though it opens the way to Australia having satellites deployed before the 2021 expected time frame for the completion of the network.

Source: TheGuardian.
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Kunal Gandhi

Cant wait have to have high speed internet here

Jeni Skunk

With this being approved, say ‘Good bye to ground based astronomy from Australia’.


The reports I read say they are initially planning on launching 12,000 satellites, and possibly up to 42,000 satellites in the future. Low earth orbit will be a busy place!


He promised easy set up.
It comes like a flying saucer on a stick.
1. stick the stick in the ground.
2. plug it in to the power
3. hook up the internet
My ISP just raised to $242…. Bye ATT!


Thanks LIbs you created a DUD


Labor opted to purchase brand new satellites rather than buying capacity on existing satellites and experimental services (e.g. Project Loon). Sadly, from day one the SkyMuster satellites have provided a poor service.

My prediction is that within 2 years NBNCo will stop offering a satellite service. NBNCo might be able to sell the satellites at a significant discount or it might be cheaper to acknowledge Labor’s mistake in purchasing the satellites and simply decommission the satellites.


I’m counting my lucky stars that the estate we just build our dream home has FTTP throughout. Loving my 100/40 connection with AussieBroadband and looking forward to the 1Gbps plans in May.

I do feel for the majority of you though stuck on FTTN and even Wireless NBN… What a huge cockup the NBN has been so far thanks to the Libs.



There are SpaceX satellites currently transiting the Australian sky.

Advantages of SpaceX over SkyMuster are:
* 25ms versus 300ms latency (distance between LEO and GEO)
* 1Gbps versus 25Mbps
* Larger quotas
* Mobile (you can stick the antenna on a vehicle)

SkyMuster with be a useless relic as soon as service is offered in Australia.


I can’t see any way this will be affordable or profitable for SpaceX. They’ll need many thousands of satellites, they’ve stated possibly up to 42 000. With the shorter lifespan due to being so close to earth, they are going to have to be constantly replenishing them. Rocket launches are not cheap…

Kunal Gandhi

Cant have to have high speed internet