The HS100 smart plug from TP-Link is not a new piece of hardware, but the price is hot right now. There are multiple retailers offering the HS100 at $19 off the shelf. While there are other stores offering the cut down price, at the time of writing this article they were out of stock. So if you’re keen, head to one of these stores to pick up some more, or your first, smart plug:

There are plenty of options in the realm of smart plugs and Duncan believes Lenovo has the upper hand in Australia if you’re dipping your toes into smarthome hardware for the first time but the TP-Link smart plug has also been recommended by many.

What smart home hardware bargains have you seen lately that could help others build their setup?

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Jeni Skunk

Serious question, why is there a USAian smart wallsocket adaptor, being used to promote a product meant for the Australian market?


Looks like an a Australian plug to me. I’ve got the model with the power meter in it but otherwise the same and it’s fantastic

Jeni Skunk

When the article was originally posted yesterday, it was using the USAian version of the device, instead of the Australian version.

Jeni Skunk

Checking the photo for this article on Ausdroid’s Twitter, the photo there is of the USAian device.