Google Podcasts came into the world feeling a bit rushed. It worked but wasn’t really ready for mainstream use and there was no way to access it via the web.

That feature disparity probably played a part in the slow uptake of users to the platform, then in June 2019, we saw the first glimpse of the web interface.

Finally, the website for Google Podcasts is online!

Much like its app counterpart, there’s work to be done here. The interface allows you to search for as well as navigate the through episodes of your favourite podcasts but not delve into any subscriptions you may have. The playback controls are also very basic and remind me a lot of the early web interface for Pocket Casts.

This is a great start, with time and effort the Google Podcasts offering could be very good. For now, I’m sticking with the tried, proven and long term viable option of Pocket Casts.

Source: Google Podcasts.