It is amazing how many times over the years we have gotten glimpses of unreleased phones on public transport. Surely people are told when they are beta testing devices not to use them in public — yes we have received the same instructions at times for certain devices — and yet people still do.

Overnight Israel Rodriquez managed to snap pictures and videos of someone using the Surface Duo on the train. As you may recall the Surface Duo is Microsoft’s Android-toting foldable coming later this year. At this stage only a single picture has been revealed but you can be sure more will be forthcoming once the bidding war ends.

The picture reveals very little at this stage but does show the front facing camera with flash, a homescreen on the left and an email possibly open on the right side of the foldable. This seems like a great use of a foldable — as a multi-tasking tablet.

Apparently the device will flip all the way around allowing the front facing camera to double as the main camera. The camera is expected to be of high quality but of course that remains to be seen — it has been a while since Microsoft were involved with the manufacture of a decent smartphone.

All be revealed officially later this year an most likely unofficially through leaks such as this in the lead up until then. Are you looking forward to checking out the Surface Duo? I know I am.

Source: Windows Central.
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Michael DeByl

That looks soooo dope if they can make the screens not break. For my money just make it have 2 minimal bezel screens


Can’t wait Scott. I want one.