Just a couple of days ago we reported on an image that surfaced showing the Microsoft Surface Duo in the wild — and yes on a train as per usual. At the time the person who took the photo said they had video and more pictures as well — these other media have now surfaced and the Surface Duo looks amazing.

The Surface Duo is not a true foldable phone but actually more like the LG G8 — two independent displays connected by a hinge. The underlying OS is Android although there appears to be a fairly heavy Windows-themed skin on top. We have not seen too much about the device, even in the announcement last year but now the video captured shows it in actions and it is as if the user was showing it off deliberately for the camera, demonstrating it in all possible configurations.

We can see the user using the Surface Duo in open book style, closed and phone style — portrait and landscape — and also the process of opening and closing (folding) the device. We can see the flash for the front facing camera, likely because Microsoft will forego the rear camera in lieu of using this on in a reverse folded state as the main camera.

The Surface Duo was first expected to release late this year (“Holiday 2020”) but Windows Central are reporting that with Microsoft already seeding the device to employees, getting them to use it and test it it could possibly release earlier than expected.

Specs for the device are unknown but you would hope they have some decent, modern specs in there because if it does not release until later this year those specs will already be tired and becoming outdated by then.

We would expect the Microsoft Surface Duo to land here in Australia but given the pricing of other Microsoft hardware in Australia do not expect it to be cheap. It looks to be a very innovative device though and should be worth art least checking out.

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It is either this or the OnePlus 8T


UI looks really janky…


Still beta so still work to be done I am sure.


Can’t wait to have a go on one of these, looks like it’ll be a pretty great product if they can get the software right