Realme started as a spin off from OPPO, a sub-brand designed to offer even better value for money than even OPPO were offering. Realme though have taken off to such an extent that they are no longer under the OPPO umbrella and now sit alongside them in the BBK Electronics stable of smartphone manufacturers.

Realme were set to announce the X50 Pro 5G at MWC but unfortunately due to the cancellation of MWC the announcement plans have been thrown up in the air. Realme though are continuing to hype the upcoming device today announcing the new fast wired charging that the new smartphone will support.

We have seen some fast chargers rumoured but not many have come to fruition but in the end all those we have seen in the market pale in comparison to the charging expected in the X50 Pro 5G. The new 65W charging will allow the user to charge a 4,000mAh battery in just 30 minutes. As they belong to the same stable as OnePlus and OPPO it would not surprise us to see this charging speed show up in their upcoming flagships.

Now that Realme are here in Australia it will be interesting to see this device here, especially when Realme are exceptional value for money — hopefully this one has NFC.