The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been met with some decent praise since its launch last week. It has some high end specs and an ultra-thin glass display along with a stylish design making it many’s choice of flip phone. In the end though it is the first generation of a new design so it is not surprising that there are issues.

Overnight a user from the UK showed off his new purchase on Twitter. Unfortunately said purchased was a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip which broke after opening and closing a few times. He had removed the instruction film from the top of the display and flipped it — you would assume the Galaxy Z Flip could flip. Of course it is cold in the UK (as it always is) so he assumed it was the cold weather that caused it.

At the same time we saw a user in New York have his Motorola Razr display fall apart in the inclement weather. He said it was warm in his apartment but then outside in approximately 0 degrees Celsius he noticed that the top layer of the display was separating from the next layer underneath. With the phone closed an din his pocket it apparently got worse. As you can see in the images below the protective layer over the display appears to be coming off the display itself.

If this is true and the device does not like cold weather then there could be something Motorola look into. Remember though that you can get devices that have issues — there must be some percentage of error rate when manufacturing these devices and that’s why we have warranties.

The user from Input Mag said that he has been using it in freezing temperatures to take a few photos the day before but you would expect that Motorola would have tested this before releasing the device.

At this stage the manufacturers are yet to comment on the issues but it could be as simple as a single defective device in each case, after all that can happen. It could just be coincidental that both appeared at the same time and we will not be sure there is an actual issue until we see more of these issues occur — it is extremely cold in many parts of the UK and US at the moment so if cold was the actual cause surely we would have seen more?

Both devices are yet to be available in Australia but as our temperatures rarely get down that low in a vast majority of the country, if cold weather is the cause it is unlikely to affect our stocks. You can bet though that both Samsung and Motorola are scrambling to test their devices in cold weather again just to be certain that they can operate in these temperature.

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Who in their right mind would be an early adopter of this new tech, anyway? Bound to be teething problems for a period of time. Folding screens = latest gimmick.


its not like its also cold in South Korea at this time of year

Daniel Narbett

Indeed – only got down to minus two last night 😉


Scott, I disagree with your assessment that if this is a low temperature design fault, it will not affect Australian stock.
Tasmania, Threadbo and the Australian Alps, the Granite Belt in QLD/NSW. Those are three areas which do see zero Celsius and below.