Have you ever had that experience of knowing you’ve been in contact with someone but not being about to find their details? It seems to happen to me a lot, with all of the various people we interact with from OEMs, PR and other companies it’s easy to miss a contact detail.

You can try and hunt and peck through Gmail to find them, but Google Contacts may just have made this a little bit easier with “other contacts” in search.

The new feature rolling out in the latest update will surface common contacts from your Google accounts when you use the search feature in the contacts app on Android. When you type in a name your saved contacts will appear and then below there’s a new ‘Other Contacts’ list.

If you know the persons name it’s easy to find them, but if you only know their company that may work too. I searched for a few of the companies we rarely have contact with, and the people we had interacted with from that company popped up in “other”, that’s handy.

We tried to replicate this on the web bit the search UI does not support “others” as yet, and unlike the mobile version which will search all Google accounts that are signed into the device, the web UI only searches the account you’re currently using.

If you don’t have a Google device don’t worry, the Contacts app can be downloaded from the Play Store and is in my opinion 100% better than any OEM contacts app I’ve used.

Why not download it and give it a go?

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free