Samsung initially offered a pre-order bonus of free Galaxy Buds+ with pre-orders of the new Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20+, but due to unprecedented interest, Samsung Australia has announced that its pre-order offer of complimentary Galaxy Buds+ will now be extended to include the complete Galaxy S20 range.

This means any pre-order purchase of the Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra in all variants from a participating retailer will now be accompanied by the bonus Galaxy Buds+ offer. Those customers who have already pre-ordered a Galaxy S20 will also be eligible to participate.

The pre-order bonus is great value; if you’re buying the phone outright, you’ll be able to secure a set of Samsung’s true wireless Galaxy Buds+ (RRP $299) for free. Not bad.

Customers can pre-order until 11.59 PM on March 5, 2020. Customers then have until April 21, 2020 to redeem their bonus Galaxy Buds+. For further information including full terms and conditions as well as FAQs, please visit:

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Joshua Hill

Glad to see Samsung have finally remembered people also buy the slightly smaller though still too large imo S20. Thanks Samsung, next launch try and include all your phones with pre order bonuses.


I wish Sammy would give us the option to have something else , like a cheaper charging Pad or a fast charger . As I’m sure there must be plenty of others like me that don’t like buds in the ears , Basically it is a worthless item , or incentive from Samsung if you do not like them ! I personally have a draw full of horrible buds from phones I have purchased , stuck them then in the ear once and decided it felt just as horrible having them in the ear as the last dozen sets provided… Read more »


Yeah I’m with you on this! Buds just don’t sit comfortably, or stay where they’re meant to, in my big ol ears.


Yeah same here Rod , I hate the things with a passion ,
although I do see some others wearing buds of various types out in the burbs , no one I know uses them , nor my friends , it’s bare ears or proper headphones .
Actually I’d probably give those LG things that came out a couple of years ago that are like a horse shoe that sits on your shoulders with speakers in it a run.
Buds wired/wireless or otherwise are a no go for me.


Those were the LG Tone neckband Bluetooth headsets. I remember them from the LG G3 ads.
Managed to find the full LG G3 Product Movie still up on LG Philippines on YouTube.

LG G3 Product Movie, time 1:43, where the LG Tone headset is shown


Hi and thanks JeniSkunk , i think it was more these later models i had in mind , they have up facing inbuilt speakers as well as in built buds if you prefer them , , they appealed to me because i`m a bit of a walker and mountain bike rider when old age permits me to do either ( old age sucks 😦 ) , after having a bit more of a look after seeing your clip , it seems lg made a heap of the neck bluetooth items of various types . I like the look of these… Read more »


I could never get bud type earphones to stay put.
An example of them, Sony Fontopia Earphones MDR-E9LP at Target –
Buds would never stay put sitting on the outside of my ear canal.

Ported buds, like the Samsung EG920 don’t fit at all. Won’t sit over my ear canal, and the port won’t fit in.
Pic of the Samsung EG920 on the Mexican competitor to ebay, Mercado Libre – comment image

Wired IEMs sitting properly in the ear canal, no problems, once I put the correct size tips on them. The LG LE530 QuadBeat 2 which came with my LG G3 are still going great, and I’ve since gotten a pair of Sennheiser IEMs, the Momentum In-Ear for Samsung Galaxy.
Pic of the LG LE530 on the Bulgarian site, telefon4e – comment image

Still yet to try wireless IEMs like these Samsungs though.

Joshua Hill

In the US if you buy the S20 from Sammie’s website you get 100 dollars to build your own bundle, 150 for + and 200 for ultra


That sounds good Joshua , if sammy did that here downunder , i`d be right onto it mate .
However it seems samsung in our neck of the woods is always trying to push the buds onto us 🙁 .
Cheers .