We’ve known for a while now that Google has been at least experimenting with putting shortcuts for Google Pay into the power button menu. It makes sense, click the power button and get quick access to cards and passes at the register. Well it seems that for at least some lucky Pixel owners that feature has rolled out early, perhaps by mistake?

Images shared on Reddit show the new functionality and UI operational on a real world Pixel device. The user was prompted to enable the new feature and now has the feature expected on Android 10 enabled.

For those that are heavy users of Google Pay for either multiple credit cards or for their loyalty cards this new UI could be a great time saver. I use Google Pay a lot, and am always a little miffed when I forget to pre-open the app to select my rewards card. To be honest the app is painfully slow at the best of times.

It’s interesting to see the new power menu UI drop now, just days after the release of the Android 11 Developer Preview where a new Home Control shortcut menu looks to be in development. It’s unclear if this would add, replace or somehow work along side that potential feature in Android 11.

We don’t know if this is the beginning of the roll out, an accidental drop to a public device or just a ghost in the machine. Keep an eye out for the new feature if you have a Pixel and drop us a line if it shows up.

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    Alan Cramer

    I think you mean devices…