The OPPO smartwatch is set to be announced alongside the Find X2 next week and as you would expect as we get closer to the release date leaks and rumours are increasing. Today a leak which appears to be an official render has surfaced on Weibo.

As you can see in the image below the OPPO smartwatch will indeed have the 3D curved display as expected along with a sporty-looking silicone band (although it wold not surprise us to see more “dressy” versions as well). There also appears to be two buttons along the right hand side of the watch — unsurprisingly.

The leaked image also gives a small look at the UI that it is running. There has been not much rumoured or leaked about the operating system it is running with most of us expecting it to be Wear OS given their affiliation with Google through Android running on their smartphones. The settings menu above does not look like the normal Wear OS settings design we normally see on smartwatches but it would not be the first to skin it.

Late last year we saw Xiaomi release a smartwatch that ran Wear OS but decidedly did not look anything like the Wear OS we have become accustomed to. The leaker who posted the image on Weibo did in fact say that the smartwatch was running an “Android system”. Not only that but the leaker also stated that the watch was “pretty good value” which is not surprising given the bang for your buck that OPPO devices normally give you.

We are assuming the OPPO smartwatch will make it to our shores and we look forward to checking out, although none of us are looking forward to to inevitable question we would be likely to receive “is that an Apple watch?”