Optus, like the other Australian 5G carrier, have had a rough start to their 5G network but now that they are up to 500 operational towers (compared with >800 for their competitor) they are seeing an increase in customer satisfaction.

Optus’ 5G Consumer Streaming Survey 2020 is a snapshot of how Australians use their internet at home with the fact that 51% were most excited about the 5G because of the fast, more reliable internet it provides being an indictment on our NBN in many areas.

Interestingly the survey provides a snapshot over our priorities with 28% being more annoyed at waiting for TV shows to stream compared with 7% for sitting on the tarmac and 6% for waiting in a long queue at the bar.

TV streaming is such a large part of our lives now for those with slow internet, ranking it their biggest challenge (34%) followed by watching videos on social media channels at 19%.

The survey is designed to help Optus tailor their products and services to what their customers want and need:

The report shows that viewing video content at home is a key priority for Australians when thinking about how they consume their internet. This is particularly relevant for those who live in a home with multiple devices connected at one time. 5G will play a critical role in delivering the speed and bandwidth required for consumers who love to stream videoHarvey Wright, Head of Optus 5G

With 5G still very much in its infancy in Australia and Vodafone looking to enter the fray in the next few weeks these sorts of surveys are important as they will shape our 5G services for years to come.

Hopefully once everyone switches to 5G the speeds remain fast and reliable because that is important as the survey says…. 51%.