Vivo have pushed the boundaries of smartphone design in the past few years with their concept phones — and they have been so well received that some of them actually made it into production and into the marketplace. This year looks set to be more of the same with their teasers promising another revolutionary phone.

While we are all getting excited about companies releasing phone with 30W wireless charging support Vivo have said to them all “hold my beer” and sent out a teaser for the Apex 2020. While it was meant to be announced at MWC 2020 and it has been delayed until later today details are leaking out — thanks to vivo.

These official teasers include on where, if you look closely, the phone has a massive 60W behind it which looks to be like taking a phone from a wireless charger. This has led many to believe that it will support 60W wireless charging — never seen before. A post today showing off the waterfall display also mentioned an ultra-fast flash wireless charging — slam dunk if you ask me.

You would assume Vivo will have made a wireless charger for this as I do not know of any that operate at this speed. As for heat generation you would think 60W would create a lot of heat given wireless charging does create a lot of heat traditionally. How this is dispersed by the Vivo Apex 2020 is unknown but we cannot wait to find out tomorrow.

A second teaser from Vivo also shows off the 120Hz (see header image) waterfall display — what this means for side buttons is unknown but that is another thing we cannot wait to see what Vivo’s solution for is.

With many more surprises and innovations promised for later today stay tuned to Ausdroid to see what Vivo will come up with next.