When you search for someone on Google if the person is famous it will show a profile card with their public details. For the non-famous folks the search will just return basic results such as Twitter handle, Instagram, and articles and sites mentioning them.

According to Android Police this is about to change with Google looking to roll out the ability for everyone to create their own public profile. Once created there are also ways for you to continually edit your card as well as remove it as required.

The new profile card will of course be much more public with it being the first search result when searching for your name — as demonstrated in a 9to5Google reader’s card:

The advantage of this is that it lets the world see you how you want to be seen. Of course there will most likely still be the same results returned as before but your profile card will be front and centre.

According to the documentation G-Suite users may miss out again with personal accounts specifically mentioned. To create your card you will need to be on a mobile device, signed into your personal account and then either search for your name, “add me to Google” or “edit my search result”. The option to create your card will be returned as the first result.

You can add details as you wish with only name, location, summary and occupation being compulsory. This is to help distinguish you from others who may have the same name. Once finished submit the card and you are good to go.

We have not seen this yet in Australia but apparently is live for some in India. If you are there have a crack at it and let us know how you go.