Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest messaging platforms in our digital world. The user base is massive and the interface is remarkably simple, it’s also set for a major overhaul. TechChrunch has delivered a report that outlines some pretty major changes in the works to the Messenger interface.

If they’re delivered as reported, the changes are going to remove some of the automated interfaces. Then steadily guide users towards personal communication. The Chat bots that were an important part of Facebook Messenger’s strategy a few years are being hidden from view in the app. The same is being done for games and businesses. The Discover tab is also being removed so they can focus on speed and simplicity.

Some of the change could well be focused on income with Messenger now delivering stories advertising. There’s a lot to take on board from the report, a statement TechCrunch received from a Facebook spokesperson said:

This redesign will soon start rolling out, removing Discover and splitting the People tab. Some users already have the update, and more will likely get it this week. They noted that Facebook had announced last August that it planned to eventually axe Discover, and that the added emphasis on Stories was motivated by users’ affinity for the ephemeral social media format.

This is all part of the vision to turn Messenger into a much simpler user experience. Facebook Messenger has come a long way since the chat heads interface changed messaging, but will these changes progress the platform in the right direction?