There have been a lot of announcements in the last couple of weeks in lieu of MWC and it seems we are also getting some that we certainly did not expect. OnePlus have sent out a teaser suggesting they have something on the way today with very little hinting to what it could be.

In a Tweet OnePlus have shared a video of, well, no one knows. There appears to be products normally associated with watches and it is possible that OnePlus are planning to release a smartwatch. To us that seems unlikely, even though their sister company OPPO will be releasing one on Friday, given that they would make more of a big deal about a smartwatch and launch it to much fanfare alongside the OnePlus 8.

In the Tweet above OnePlus says that not a phone or a commercial product so it could possibly be another concept product like the Concept One they showed off at CES earlier this year.

Unfortunately whatever it is it will most likely not make it officially Downunder but we do know that many of you have import and continue to import OnePlus products — and OnePlus know that too. Hopefully whatever it is is worth the wait and will eventually lead to some innovative product that we can all easily purchase.

What do you think it is? Watch? Speaker? Camera? We will find out today.