The OnePlus lineup has always been released towards the middle of the year when component prices are a bit cheaper and the hype of the March phones (especially Samsung) has died down. This year rumours are pointing to that changing with the phone possibly being released in April.

Techradar are reporting that they have had a reliable source from within the company tell them that the OnePlus 8 will have a global announcement in the second week of April — a month earlier than when it was last year.

While their source was unable to elucidate just which products would be announced then we are expecting the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro to be announced then and although a “Lite” is also expected we suspect this will be an India-only release and will not see the global stage.

This year OnePlus are expected to announce an ultra premium flagship with an amazing 120Hz AMOLED display and also wireless charging — and possibly 65W wired charging, based on the Find X2 leaked specs. The devices look set to be direct competitors to Samsung’s products with OnePlus moving up their launch date to be able to position themselves as a direct competitor and hopefully take come of their users from them.

We are looking forward to seeing what OnePlus bring to the table this year with the OnePlus 8 receiving wide-spread acclaim for its many features. Hopefully this is the year where OnePlus bring their photography up to the levels of the rest of their phone — best in class IMO.

As per usual you will most likely not be able to purchase it here without using a grey market retailer or importing it yourself. Keep hitting up OnePlus via their social media channels to remind them that Australia loves OnePlus and want to see them here.

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Just in time to upgrade from my OP6, i had planned to get a Galaxy S20+ but the Exynos version here put me off