While the OPPO Find X2 has not been a secret with even their VP sending out information of its existence over the last few months, the OPPO Watch has. Until very recently it was just a few rumours with very little else. Now it is officially coming and OPPO are continuing their teasers to whet our appetite.

Via their Weibo channel OPPO have sent out a few teaser images showing the watch in a white colour (which does not necessarily mean it will be coming in white although why else put the snow-covered mountains in the background) with the description telling us the display will be a 1.91-inch display.

We assume the 1.91-inch display is measured corner to corner as it is in a smartphone making it a decent sized display that’s for sure. For reference the Apple Watch is up to 42mm in size, about 1.65-inches making the OPPO watch close to a centimetre bigger in the diagonal direction.

On top of a desert background the watch also is displayed in brown (we feel fairly confident it won’t actually arrive in a brown sandy colour) with the teaser image telling us the display resolution will be 326ppi — the same PPI as the “retina display” (does that even mean a thing anymore when we know Apple displays have fairly average resolutions as a whole?) on the 42mm Apple Watch.

The display is apparently a high quality display with 100% of the DCI-P3 colopur gamut displayed. We do not know much else about the smartwatch from OPPO aside from possible eSIM support and ECG support. Gizmochina are stating that it will also be available in three colours, a white, yellow (the rose gold from yesterday?) and a dark navy blue.

All will be revealed at the launch event from OPPO kicking off at 8:30pm AEDT. More details of where and how to watch it will be forthcoming later today. Anyone after a new smartwatch? Would you consider OPPO’s offering based on the looks?

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Phill Edwards

I’d consider it if it has great battery life and support for WearOS apps.