We all grew up being told not have have our heads in the clouds, now days that’s bad advice — the cloud is where it’s all at. Cloud puns aside Google has announced today that they will be opening a second Australian Cloud Region based in Melbourne, this will complement the existing centre opened in Sydney in 2017.

The new cloud services facility will come online in 2021 and will increase the level of service Australian customers of Google Could will get locally. The ‘Cloud Region’ will consist of three separate facilities or zones ensuring resilience to downtime and natural disasters.

The new data centre will continue with Google’s commitment to 100% offset renewable energy with Google looking to purchase renewable electricity and offsets to make the facility carbon neutral. To comply with local data laws Google has undertaken several third party data audits to ensure compliance for data safety, privacy and security.

Australian Data Centres do not come with the “full” suite of Google services, for instance Cloud AI training as well as other cloud container options are not available in Sydney and we don’t expect them the be in the Melbourne centre either.

Having local infrastructure is good for Australia consumers meaning we should experience less lag and improved local performance when compared to the pacific Cloud Region we often rely upon. We’re even hopeful that new infrastructure like this MAY allow services like Stadia to go online in Australia, but there’s no guarantee of that.

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    Microsoft/Amazon come to SA, we have the best topography in whole Australia.