Google announced the Google Pixel Buds last year at their Made By Google event so they are no secret and it is not a surprise to see them clear various regulatory srevices along the way. We have seen them clear Bluetooth SIG and also accidentally be listed online for pre-order.

Now a feature of the Pixel Buds has been revealed as the upcoming Pixel Buds clear another regulatory body, the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The listing on the WPC website of the Pixel Buds means that it has approval for Qi charging from its regulatory body. This means that the case for the Pixel Buds will be able to be charged via Qi charging means.

It is strange though because Google’s only wireless charger is the Pixel Stand which you would think would be a difficult proposition for charging the Pixel Buds case. Of course Google do not have to make the charger and any certified charger will do. Given most other true wireless earbuds from the big players in smartphones also have Qi charging it is no surprise that Google are including it in theirs.

The model number listed on the WPC website is different to that listed on the Bluetooth SIG website — this time it is G1013. It is likely that the case has a different model number to the buds themselves. After all it is the case that needs to be Qi certified and not the buds so it is assumed that the case has the model number G1013 and the buds a different model number again.

The charging speeds listed on the WPC website are disappointing with just 5W listed which is quite slow given the wireless speeds some phones charge at these days. Given the small size of the battery in the case you 5W may just be enough to keep your buds topped up.

We expect the Pixel Buds to be released in the next couple of months, most likely alongside the Pixel 4a at a time that was meant to be Google I/O (which of course is now cancelled). You can bet that we will be all over this when it is launched given Ausdroid’s penchant for all things Google along with all things wireless.