With only a couple of months until the original expected launch date for the 2020 Google Pixel 4a, we’re starting to see an increase in the leaks for the device.

Yesterday we got a look at the new fabric case (we’re not a fan) and a few screenshots, today we’ve got a solid look at the rear of an engineering sample.

Now clearly this is not a retail finish, the unit seems to be made of a soft rubber or unfinished plastic and is as badly scuffed up as you’d expect. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t a good approximation of the finished device.

Again we can clearly see the rear fingerprint sensor, single rear camera and flash unit, a white power button off setting the black finish and a very Pixel 4 looking camera bump. Being a pre production sample doesn’t have the traditional Google markings, hopefully for who ever leaked this device those marks aren’t uniquely identifiable by Google.

With almost every detail of the Pixel 4 leaked prior to it’s release we’re expecting to see the same thing happen for the Pixel 4a. With the smartphone industry marching towards ever more expensive devices of $1500 and above, we’re hopeful that Google maintains the $750 ish price point for the Pixel 4a again.

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