These days flagships, whether they are the ultra premium or just the premium version cost you a pretty penny and no one wants to have an accidental breakage of something so expensive. There are a myriad of options out there for you to protect your Galaxy S20 and for those environmentally minded we have just the option for you.

Tech21 have produced some Galaxy S20 (and plus and Ultra) cases that are plant-based. Yep, that’s right, plant based. The “sustainable, plant-based” case options offer a high level of drop protection as you expect from cases from Tech21.

As Tech21 operates as a “Designed for Samsung” partner you can be assured that the cases fit perfectly with all the button placements perfectly aligned with the phones. The cases offered include a Studio Colour and a Studio Design.

The Studio Colour cases are thin, light and offer colourful flair to your device. The Studio Design cases add a bit more character to your phone with a unique checker-box design with colour.

Both cases come in a range of colours with the Studio Colour available in Neon Mint, Bolt from the Blue, Cherry, Explosive Pink, Back to Black, Let off Steam, Pansy and Coral my World (can’t someone just call things by their colour?). Studio Design is available in Aqua, Cassis, Let off Steam and Black (finally, a normal name).

Both types of cases offer great drop protection without adding too much bulk to the phone — let’s face it phones are already big enough these days. The cases offer drop protection for drops of up to 8 feet (about 2.4m).

They also have a “microbe-fighting protection for a hygienically clean case” which I am not entirely clear how this works but I doubt you could wear it across your face to stop COVID-19. The kicker and the cool thing is that the cases are made from nearly one third plant based alternatives, making them better for the environment.

Tech21 also offer a screen protector which also offers anti-bacterial protection with an anti-scratch finish which is easy to apply. They also offer other even more protective designs such as the Evo Check, and the Evo Wallet but we did not get a sample of these to test but looking at the website they look to offer maximum protection with little care to how the phone still looks.

The Studio Colour and Studio Design cases can be purchased for $34.95 and the screen protector for $39.95 from the Tech21 website. Even though the Ausdroid Galaxy S20 Ultra is just a review phone that needs to go back in a few weeks you can be sure we will be protecting it as best we can with one of these cases.

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The case looks ok , but i wish they would bring the sides up a tad past the side edges of the display , to me , this is the weakest part of the glass, and the most likely to find a hard edged surface that will cause damage in a drop .
Even if the very ends sit a bit higher than the display which does help , your luck is probably going to be touch and go if you drop it on an uneven surface .