Mate has made its name for being a friendly, approachable company. While most people probably don’t care whether their telco is friendly or not, they do care about value, and Mate offers that too – an easy-to-use product bundles at consistently low prices, backed by

Mate’s new nbn25 plan gives customers more of what they need every day at a price they can feel good about.

Mark Fazio, General Manager of MATE, said

‘We think this plan is a big step up from our basic plan. It gives people an affordable option with a far better online experience for the same price’.

Essentially a free upgrade, the new plan gives customers the faster nbn25 speed at the lower nbn12 speed price. As the nbn12 plans are quite slow – and barely meet the definition of ‘broadband’ – the free upgrade to nbn25 speed is a welcome development here.

Better yet, Mate is offering a $59 promo rate for the nbn 25 plan. If you bundle it with a mobile, Mate will give you a further $10 a month off your internet bill.

Mate customers enjoy the company’s ‘mate’ guarantees – no lock-in contracts, unlimited data and all-Aussie customer service with a call centre based in Western Sydney.

The details of the new nbn 25 plan include:

  • $59 promo rate
  • Bundle with a mobile for a further $10 off per month
  • No contract
  • Unlimited data
  • All-Aussie customer service
  • 1-month risk-free guarantee
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I have 100mb gamer plan with MyRepublic and currently paying $69 a month (for the last 9 months) in 3 months it goes to $79 a month.
I get 98mb download on average.

Peter E Gillespie

$60 for bare bones access? I understand that the current NBN pricing structure locks out actual cheap minimal user plans but don’t pretend that $60 is somehow a bargain basement price


Why is Ausdroid promoting far too slow FRAUDBAND plans, as somehiow being a ‘good deal’?


A better idea would be to go with Belongs $55 plan, as people can get up to 55Mbps speeds (According to posts on whirpool).


It’s good for people that live alone, such as an apartment/unit. 25Mbps is fine for web surfing, even watching Youtube. Netflix states that 3Mbps is the minimum needed for SD streaming and 5 Mbps for HD quality. So for one or even two people this plan would be a “good deal” as long as you didn’t want to stream at 4K.


The constant negativity isn’t really what we need. You know very well Jeni that Ausdroid can do what they want and they do a good job of offering options and information from across the board that is relevant to Android.
If you don’t like it stop reading Ausdroid again, nobody will mind.
Have a fantastic day Jeni.