It’s 2020 and Gmail is finally adding support for multiple signatures for your email … At least for those who use the web app and not something else (like the mobile app or the Outlook connector).

Half of you will likely file this in the “oh, I didn’t know Gmail didn’t do that already” category, and the other half in the “thank goodness it’s finally arrived” file.

To select from multiple signatures there will be a new pen icon in the compose window that will allow you to select from any of your pre-determined signatures.

So how do you set multiple signatures?

Head into settings in Gmail, General tab, and then scroll down to Signatures. Once the new feature is active for your account you’ll be able to select “Create New” option that will let you create and save signatures to your heart’s delight.

Being Google the new feature will roll out over the coming month to all G suite and Gmail account holders.

For those using the mobile app, this feature may or may not come. If you use the Outlook connector for G Suite – something Chris strongly recommends – then you’ve already got this ability anyway.

For everyone else, it’s very welcome.