Have you ever checked out a TAG Heuer smartwatch? The prices for them seem exorbitant and well they are but in the world of watches design and build quality (and name) are king. There are things that the first generation TAG Heuer smart watches had in abundance. The second generation have now been released and with pricing very similar we expect more of the same when it comes to quality.

The folks over at DroidLife discovered the 2020 designs on the TAG Heuer website overnight and lo and behold the Australian website has them too. Once again releasing under the Connected banner there are again several variations with apparently less choices than the last generation where certain features could be mixed and matched to your specifications.

The Connected 2020 TAG Heuer smart watches feature a 45mm case which is 13.5mm thick and includes a digital crown along with a couple of buttons either side of the crown. The 1.39-inch OLED display is sapphire glass and has a 454 x 454 pixel resolution. Add in a Snapdraon Wear 3100 chipset, 430mAh battery, 5ATM water resistance, GPS, heart rate monitor, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi and you have a modern smartwatch — as you would expect.

There is no mention on the website about the amount of RAM included but we hope it would be 1GB or more considering how much better the Wear OS smartwatches seem to run with more than the piddle 512MB all the early generations arrived with.

The watch comes in four variations including a steel case with steel bezel and black rubber strap, a steel case and black ceramic bezel with steel bracelet, a steel case with black bezel and black rubber strap (my favourite) and a black titanium case with black ceramic bezel for a “total-black” look with black rubber band.

TAG Heuer have also released their own fitness app to track your workouts and other fitness activities including golf (not sure I’d be wearing a >$2600 timepiece while working out). Once again TAG Heuer have included their own watchface app to give the face a design the same as many of their mechanical watches.

The watches start at AU$2600 (funnily enough my favourite is $2600) with the high end black titanium case version setting you back $3400. They are available from the TAG Heuer website and most likely from all watch stores who stock TAG Heuer smartwatches.

There are many people out there who spend this sort of money on watches and these smart watches are for them. Unfortunately my CFO and the associated bank account do not let me partake in such pleasures but if she and it did I would most definitely be checking these out to wear every day of the week. Would you?

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Adam J

I think their FAQ’s might be for the previous generation, but RAM looks to vary by case size:

TAG Heuer Connected 46mm
1GB main memory & 4GB storage

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45mm
512MB main memory & 4GB storage

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 41mm
1GB main memory & 8GB storage

All of the models I see listed on the AU website are 45mm.