YouTube have played around with their tabs over the past couple of years and once of the little experiments they have tested has been an explore tab which allow users to find new content to their liking a lot easier.

The new tab is rolling out now to users and includes not just trending videos but also popular content categories such as Gaming, Music, Fashion and Beauty, Learning and more. YouTube have placed all of these in a single location to make them easier for you to find.

The new update, which is rolling out over the next couple of days, brings not just easy access to destination pages as listed above but also more prominent “Creator on the rise” and “Artist on the Rise” sections. This will allow you to find new content from new creators yet to fully make their mark in the YouTube world.

Many users have liked the Trending tab in the past so YouTube have included that as a section in the Explore tab and is designed to show you what is happening on not just YouTube right now but also in the world. At this stage this section is not specific to people or locations — we hope in the future it can give personalised feeds based on your preferences and locations but there is no mention of that at this stage.

We have the new Explore tab in our YouTube app this morning although we are not sure if it was due to an app update or a server side switch. Either way, check out your YouTube app and when the tab appears, start exploring.