The OnePlus 8 is one of the most anticipated devices of 2020 and speculation has been rife over just when it would be announced with many expecting it to be pushed forwards, earlier than in previous years. A new poster has leaked showing the release date to be April 15.

The folks at ITHome have gotten their hands on a leaked poster which apparently shows the launch date of the OnePlus 8 series. The poster not only shows the date, 15 April, but also the curved hole-punch display. Just where this leak has come from is uncertain at this stage but it fits with all the rumours we have seen and heard in recent time — which does not make it true of course.

The OnePlus 8 is expected to arrive in two (or possibly three) variants, a normal and a Pro model, as it did last year. The displays are expected to be the same as that in the Find X2 Pro with 120Hz refresh rate at 2K resolution. Expect 5G support in all of their phones as well which will hopefully work on our 5G networks as well for those looking to import one.

The camera on the Pro is also expected to be a quad camera and yesterday we saw Robert Downey Jr show off one (accidentally of course……) confirming as such. The photo confirms three main lenses just as in last year’s model but also the presence of what looks to be a ToF depth sensing lens.

It is good to see a person who is paid to endorse a product actually using said product — it shows he believes in what he is endorsing. So many times celebrities have been caught out accidentally showing off something other than their endorsed product. But then why wouldn’t he. I cannot think of many (if any) smartphones I’d rather be endorsing than a OnePlus flagship.

Hopefully this is the year OnePlus finally make it to our shores. Their success in just about every other market of the world surely dictates that one day soon they will venture into our market in a meaningful way. Hopefully 2020 is that year. Stay tuned as we track the OnePlus devices now expected to arrive in just four short weeks.

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OnePlus is a subsidiary of Oppo. With Oppo being well established in Australia, why don’t they officially introduce OnePlus brand? Are they afraid that OnePlus would cannibalise the sales of Oppo brand?


I have a OP7P. And the 7T is easy to buy in Aus too.

Global and Chinese models.

So stop your complaining and stop relying on ISP phone plan integrations for your phone purchases.

Tom Sekulic

I’ve had a bitter experience with an “ebay warranty job”. I swore I would never, ever buy a phone without local, Australian manufacturer warranty. Xiaomi, Vivo, TCL are here… What’s OnePlus waiting for?!


don’t buy from ebay. there are resellers here that have to provide the warranty.


Sorry but you are wrong. Tom brought up a valid point. He did not talk about ISP (they are telcos not ISP ) , why can’t they sell and use the Oppo infrastucture locally ?


Not a subsidiary but a sister company. Both subsidiaries of BKK as well as Vivo and Realme. Given the increase in pricing I am no longer comfortable grey importing.

Joshua Hill

I’m looking at the Pixel 4a as an upgrade/sidegrade to my S8 but an Australian release finally of OnePlus (doubt it’s going to happen) could see me part with some more cash so long as there’s a smaller size device