The far-reaching effects of COVID-19 are still being felt. We have seen the cancellation of a significant number of individual events as well as ongoing entertainment such as NBA, AFL and NFL. This is where a new impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is rearing its head. Services such as F1 TV and Kayo Sports are currently offering refunds or discounted subscription fees.

The clear reason for this is the reduced service delivery they can offer. Kayo Sports offers live and on-demand sports but when they can only deliver half of that in the current climate. Contact is going out to current subscribers notifying them that this months fee will only be $5 rather than the usual fees.

Similarly, F1 TV has made contact with subscribers offering a refund on current subscriptions. While there is no indication on whether this will continue, a $5 refund on a $70 investment is two races.

We’re in unprecedented times and there’s no obligation for these providers to refund or discount their services to users. As a subscriber to multiple services, I do feel as though it’s great customer service. Hopefully they continue this customer service up as long as the crisis continues.

IF you are a subscriber to one of these services keep an eye out for your email coming soon.

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Joshua Hill

I contacted Kayo and they will not be offering $5 monthly fee for the next month. I linked this article to them and they said it is incorrect. Can you double check what info they sent you Phil as initially they thought I was talking about an AFL promotion they are running which gives you two $5 months or some such thing???


Probably time to cancel Kayo… No email received either for a discount.

Surely they’re not paying for the events that have been cancelled and should pass the savings on. If not, there’s always the cancel button and good luck getting everyone back when things start to happen again…



If you are a Telstra customer, you can get a $10/month discount on Kayo if you are a new or returning Kayo customer. I cancelled my Kayo subscription, then signed up again a day after it expired and for the discount.

Joshua Hill

Haven’t got my Kayo discount email yet. Anybody received it?


Still waiting for my email. Hopefully itll come soon

Joshua Hill

Thanks Steve, glad to know I’m not the only one